Meet the Riders

Interested in joining us? Contact Solomon Madondo

“I am riding to help improve the health of mothers and their newborns in rural Zimbabwe. I’m doing this to raise money for training hospital workers later this year: Like a famous king from long ago: I will not offer to God that which cost me nothing.”
“I am riding for the Gutu Mission Hospital because it is a mission like the work Dr. Jean Chamberlain does in other parts of Africa. Dr. Chamberlain delivered both my beautiful grandchildren in Canada. I am intrigued by the work done in Africa to improve the lives of mothers and infants as well as outcomes. As a Christian, I have no medical training but I will do my part raising funds for the Gutu Mission Hospital.”
“I am riding because I want mothers and babies in Gutu to have access to adequate care and have better health outcomes. 'To whom much is given much is required' - contributing to this ride is one way to use my time and resources to support Gutu Mission Hospital, the facility where my mother was born.”

By sponsoring a cyclist, you can help provide the resources needed to improve the maternity ward and clinical services at Gutu Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe.

Funds raised in Canada will go towards the refurbishment of the maternity word at Gutu Mission Hospital and workshops. Funds raised in Zimbabwe through the Reformed Church of Zimbabwe will go towards an ambulance.

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